Electromagnetic coil precision winding machine for winding machine

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        Winding machine, when people talk about it, usually refers to a machine that uses enameled wire as a material to form a coil. In the impression, this should be a very simple machine or even some people's printing should be summarized as a simple Power tools. But in fact, this is an industry with a very wide variety, a wide range of coverage, and complex technical characteristics.

        From the processed products, such as the single-axis CNC winding machine for processing high-frequency transformer coils, the winding axis rotates, and the winding axis moves accordingly according to the set pitch. This is a relatively simple winding machine. For example, ordinary relays are characterized by the small diameter of the enameled wire and the relatively large number of turns, so the rotation time of the main shaft of the winding machine is long.The ordinary electromagnetic coil does not have too high requirements for the accuracy of the wiring, so the main requirement for the machine is the speed High and stable tension.

        Then there is the precision electromagnetic coil, which is also an electromagnetic coil, but because this coil has temperature resistance requirements, response speed requirements, wire package volume requirements, and product consistency requirements, it is required that the winding machine be wound during winding. Each wire is neatly arranged, so to achieve this accuracy, there are strict requirements for all process factors in the winding process.

        There is the rotation accuracy of the winding spindle of the winding machine. The control accuracy of the winding machine controller, the repeating positioning accuracy of the wire screw, the roundness of the enameled wire, the diameter of the enameled wire, the rotation of the tooling behind the main shaft of the winding machine Accuracy, tension control of the enameled wire, parallelism of the two ends of the cable cavity during winding, dimensional accuracy, and also includes the structural design of the cavity during cable routing, and the design of stripping after winding. It is directly related to the success of the winding accuracy.

        Take the influence of one of these factors on the accuracy of the wiring, that is, the dimensional accuracy of the two ends of the cavity during the wiring, including parallelism, first assume that other process factors have been strictly controlled, and the parallelism of the two ends of this cable cavity is not Well, it will cause inconsistencies in the width of the actual everywhere.Assuming that the diameter of 1.0mm should be arranged 100, some surfaces can only be arranged 99, and the row of 100 will overflow, and some places can be arranged into 101, row 100 The root collapses, even if it is not as large as the error of one line, but this error can be accumulated layer by layer, so the parallelism requirements of the two ends of the cable cavity should be understandable.

        In order to solve this problem, two processes have evolved, one is a skeleton precision coil, and the other is a skeletonless precision coil.

        Let me talk about the second kind, skeletonless precision coils:

        The skeletonless precision coil is also called hollow core coil, which means that in the process of making enameled wire, there is no skeleton, the enameled wire is directly wound in a metal mold, the enameled wire itself has an adhesive layer, and it is melted or hot melted while winding. After the winding is completed, the core of the metal mold is forced to be drawn out, and a hollow core coil without a skeleton is obtained. Is the size of the cavity wound in the metal mold necessarily larger than that of the skeleton The accuracy is high, the answer is definitely no doubt.In terms of today's metal processing technology, it is not very difficult to guarantee a size of 0.01mm within a size of 200mm, but an injection molded part is required with the same accuracy. That is an impossible task. Although the skeleton-free hollow core coil has a lot of cost because of the adhesive layer, because of the device structure, and because of the process, it has achieved relatively stable precision coil processing. But its limitations have just been Having said that, the process cost increases a lot, because it is the formation of the adhesive layer, in fact, the binding capacity of the lighter and thicker enameled wire adhesive layer is limited, and because of the forced drafting, the level of comparison , Wire when tension due to the superposition of each enameled larger centripetal force on the respective core, the release becomes difficult.

        It is thought that the skeleton-free hollow core coil has the above process cost, design features, difficulty in demolding, and difficulty in forming thick wires.Therefore, skeleton-precision coil forming is always indispensable. Research, gradually mastered the process requirements of the precision winding machine with skeleton wire, including the winding machine, winding tooling, skeleton design, mold design, which meets the actual needs of customers.