Front four-axis thick wire winding machine sp-401b

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Front four-axis thick wire winding machine sp-401b

Winding machine Features:

     The controller adopts a precision CNC winding machine controller and is equipped with a Taiwan TECO inverter to ensure stable operation.

     The professional controller of the winding machine has complete functions, clear layers, simple setting and many additional expansion functions, such as deceleration at both ends, parking at both ends, power-off memory and other functions.

     The program can be changed according to the specific requirements of customers to achieve multi-function.

     The power circuit uses an improved anti-interference circuit, which has strong anti-interference ability.

     The winding system of the winding machine can adjust the position in time during the winding process, and the winding is stable and low noise.

     It can store 1000 sets of processing data, and it will not be erased when the power is turned off.

     Integrated casting case, stable and reliable.

Winding machine Model: sp-401b

     Control mode: AC variable frequency motor control

     Numb er of spindles: 4 axes

      Spindle speed: 5000RPM

      Wire diameter range: 0.1-0.7mm

      Cable range: 0-120mm

      Bag size: 2-25mm

      Spindle motor: AC inverter motor 370W

      Cable motor: stepping motor

      Power supply: single-phase AC220V 50 / 60Hz

      Equipment weight: about 48Kg

      One-piece cast chassis, with winding and flex cable.


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