Precision large torque winding machine SP-112H

Precision large torque winding machin:

  SP-112H high torque precision winding machine has high precision and large torque. It is widely used in precision transformers, precision electromagnetic coils, precision motor coils, precision ballast coils and other coils with neatly arranged and enameled wires.

  Winding machine controller uses professional and precise winding machine controller with Taiwan TECO inverter and high-quality three-phase asynchronous motor to achieve stable speed and torque.

The winding machine's application function design is mature, the logic is clear, the winding function is complete, it has various functions in the winding process, and the operation is simple, it will not be erased when the power is turned off, there is a manual wire counting follow function, both ends Automatic deceleration function, the speed of the wire rod can be set.

  Can design the controller function according to customer's specific requirements, expand the input and output points.

Specific power-off memory function, sudden power-off during winding process, can record the current state, parameters and save, after power-on, start to continue winding products, reducing waste of raw materials and working hours.

  Single-use single-chip microprocessor design. Powerful, small size, strong anti-interference ability.

   winding process data can save 999 groups, each group of process data can set different starting point, width, wire diameter, wire direction and winding direction, and cross-slot winding action.

Equipment name: Large torque precision winding machine  (Reference video) 

        1. Controller: CNC winding controller

        2. Cable structure: external simply supported beam.

        3. Clamping mechanism: pneumatic strong Morse long bearing span center.

        4. Tension assembly for thick wire diameter with stress relief function.

        5. Wire diameter range (mm): 1.0-3.0 (optional parts can reach 0.03-3.0)

        6. Processing coil rotation diameter: 350mm

        7. Maximum speed (rpm): 500RPM

        8. Number of winding shafts: 1

        9. Spindle motor: 1.5KW three-phase asynchronous motor

        10. Row winding motor: improved precision stepping motor

        11. Cable width (mm): 210

        12. Power supply 220V / 50HZ

        13. Floor-mounted with base.

        14.Dimensional weight: 110X70X120CM weight 250KG

        15. Tension can be adjusted linearly and stably.


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