Flying fork winding machine-rotary sp-d102fc

Tags: Flying Fork Winding Machine, Transformer Winding Machine, Semi-circular Coil Winding Machine

Flying fork winding machine-rotary sp-d102fc

Applicable scope of rotary flying fork winding machine

      Xiepu Rotary Flying Fork Winding Machine is mainly for the production and development of transformer winding machine, semi-circular coil winding machine, C-shaped coil, open-type transformer coil and clamp ammeter coil.

product description:

     The Xiepu parallel flying fork winding machine adopts a special precision winding machine controller and cooperates with a precision winding spindle to automatically complete winding, arranging and action.

      The winding speed is adjustable, the cable arrangement is neat and the positioning is accurate.

      Can be customized according to customers.

      The speed is up to 4000RPM.

      Product loading and unloading is fast and stable.

       Based on the characteristics of the flying fork winding machine, a practical and convenient safety cover is designed.

Technical Parameters:

       Model (Model No) SP-D102FC

       Spindle (Number of Spindles) single axis

       Controller (Controller) Precision CNC CNC winding machine controller

       Main motor 600W precision DC motor

       Spreading motor Stepping motor

       Maximum speed (Speed) RPM 4000

       Tension system (Tension system) Permanent magnetic tension device

       Applicable wire size (Wire size) MM 0.03-0.4

       Power supply (Power supply) 220V 50HZ

       Machine weight (Weight) KG 50

       Machine size (Dimensions L x W x H) MM 500 * 400 * 500     (More videos)



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