Automatic tin dipping machine SP-6204S

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Automatic tin dipping machine SP-6204S

Flip type can be translated automatic tin dipping machine:

    REPOSAL® automatic tin dipping machine has undergone many technical upgrades and has complete functions. Users can freely and flexibly quickly set the temperature, location and time of the tin dipping process.

     It is stable and reliable, and has strong practicability, which can quickly carry out batch tin immersion under the condition of extremely small production changeover cost.

1. Scope of application:

     Components with pins that need to be tinned can be used, including but not limited to high-frequency transformers, general transformers, inductance coils, vertical and horizontal transformers and other high-precision tin-immersed electronic components.


2, the structural characteristics:

     2.1 The semi-enclosed cover is equipped with an exhaust fan to reduce the harm of tin, lead and rosin to the human body and the environmental pollution caused by tin immersion.

     2.2. Abandon the traditional sub-tin cup structure to avoid the danger of abnormal production and high-temperature operation caused by the unstable movement of the sub-tin cup due to the aging of the cylinder and other actuators.

     2.3.PLC+touch screen, easy to use, stable and reliable.

     2.4. The up and down movement adopts the pulse stepping motor to drive the ball screw, and the positioning is accurate.


3. Features:

     3.1. The tin immersion angle can be freely defined. When the pins are separated from the tin surface, it can be performed simultaneously with the tin immersion translation movement. The interpolation-like motion simulates manual tinning to reduce the tin tip.

     3.2. Automatically detect the height of the tin surface, when the tin surface is reduced due to loss or increased tin fill, the current height of the tin surface can be automatically obtained

     3.3, Dynamically maintain the set immersion tin depth.

     3.4, with pre-soldering function, can effectively reduce the phenomenon of splashing tin beads.

     3.5. The height of immersion tin and the height of pre-soldering can be freely set at 0~70mm.

     3.6. The tin immersion time can be adjusted in units of 0.1 seconds.

     3.7, double high-quality heating tubes, short tin melting time, uniform and stable tin immersion temperature.

     3.8, Titanium alloy tin furnace, high temperature resistance, temperature setting range up to 600 ℃.

     3.9. The temperature controller adopts intelligent temperature controller with error correction and automatic heating curve adjustment to achieve the most ideal heating environment.

4. Main technical parameters and performance:

      4.1 Power supply voltage: single-phase 220V (AC), 50/60HZ;

      4.2 Working air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa (prepared by the user);

      4.3 Operation mode: automatic, inching;

4.4 Stroke: up and down: 125 mm; front and rear: 190 mm; flip: 0~360°.

     4.5 Tin furnace temperature: adjustable from 0 to 600℃;

     4.6 Production efficiency: 1000 pieces/hour;

     4.7 Dimensions: length × width × height (unit: mm) 950 × 780 × 850;

     4.8 Weight: about 150㎏.

     4.6 Production efficiency: 1000 pieces/hour;

     4.7 Dimensions: length × width × height (unit: mm) 950 × 780 × 850;

     4.8 Weight: about 150㎏.

power-supply 16GB
No. of Cores 4

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