Motor coil winding machine

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Motor coil winding machine

Motor coil winding machine equipment features:

        The development purpose of the motor coil winding machine is used to wind the motor coil. The main requirement of the motor coil winding process is that the torque requirement is large. At the same time, because the diameter of the wire mold itself is large, the speed requirement is not high. This specification winding machine It has the function of automatically starting according to the design number of turns and automatically crossing the slot. During the winding process of the motor coil, there is more manual intervention. In the face of the linear speed with a larger rotating diameter, the speed of several hundred revolutions per minute, there is a certain Dangerous, so when we configure this machine, it optimizes the sensitivity when starting and stopping.

      Automatically adopt the CNC winding machine controller, you can easily set the number of turns, the slow speed at the beginning of the winding, the slow speed at the stop, automatic winding, automatic winding after setting, 999 sets of processing data can be set, the user It can facilitate data storage and recall.

      The motor coil winding machine is mainly designed for the winding of motors and pump coils. It uses a three-phase asynchronous motor. Because the motor coil has a large rotating diameter and requires a large torque, this special winding machine for high torque motor coils is designed.

  The control part of the winding machine adopts the special controller of the precision winding machine, and cooperates with high-quality motors, bearings, frequency converters, etc., so that the quality is guaranteed.

The winding machine's application function design is mature, the logic is clear, the winding function is complete, it has various auxiliary functions during the winding process, and it is simple to operate, it will not be erased when the power is turned off. Deceleration function, the speed of the wire rod can be set.

  According to the specific requirements of the customer, the controller function can be designed to expand the input and output points (charged service).

   With power-off memory function, the power is suddenly cut off during the winding process, and the current state, parameters can be recorded and saved. After the power is turned on, the continuous winding of the product is started to reduce the waste of raw materials and working hours.

  Single-chip single-chip microprocessor design. Powerful, small size, strong anti-interference ability.

       The winding process data can save 999 groups, and each group of process data can be set with different winding point, width, wire diameter, winding direction and winding direction, and cross-groove winding action.

Specifications: S-a102c-m

         Power supply: 220V/50HZ

        Number of program groups: 999 groups

        Maximum speed: 350RPM

        Cable stroke: 140mm

        Wire rack type: General coil wire rack

        Motor type: three-phase asynchronous motor

        Motor power: 370W motor, 4 times slower

        Applicable wire diameter: 0.05-1.4 mm

        Standard accessories: foot switch. instruction manual. hexagon wrench

         Electromagnetic clutch: with electromagnetic clutch


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