Winding machine standard tensioner

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Winding machine standard tensioner

Standard tensioner of winding machine  

This standard mechanical tensioner is relatively simple and has a long service life.

The tension range is large, and there are two installation methods: horizontal installation and vertical installation. It is widely used.

The bent enameled wire is naturally straightened after passing through this standard tensioner.

The standard mechanical tensioner is the key mechanism for the adjustable tension of the winding machine during winding. It can make the enameled wire always have the appropriate tension when winding, so that the wound coil is suitable for tightness and full tightness. Consistent with the technical specifications of the coil.

This standard mechanical tensioner has a wide range of adaptability and can adapt to enameled wire diameters from 0.14-1.2mm.

1. The wire passing wheel adopts a copper wheel that does not damage the wire.

2. The damping compression spring adopts industrial rectangular spring, which is durable and has a large pressure stroke range.

3. The fixing hole is surrounded by a special bracket, which makes the fixing more stable.

4. Incoming ceramic ring and outgoing wire jumper adopt industrial alumina ceramics.

5. The thread passing clip adopts wool felt belt compression spring for easy threading.


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