Automatic wrapping machine

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Automatic wrapping machine

The sp-8202 series models are initially used in high-frequency transformer-coated magnetic cores.Since their introduction, due to their excellent structure and high stability, they are widely used in the market.

The main control is three reduction motors, which respectively drive the dual-station turntable, cut the tape, and wind the three actions of the adhesive. The front is the dual-station worktable, as long as the material is fed below the worktable, it will automatically turn Go to the upper part, wrap the tape, and cut.

In recent years, Xiepu has derived many other models based on customer requirements on the basic structure, making the 8202 series more productible.

Standard model specification

Model: SP-8202

        Applicable products: Rotating diameter 8-72mm

        Efficiency: (single layer per minute) 32 / PCS

        Tape error range: ± 0.2mm

        Rated power: 45 / W

        Input voltage: 110VAC / 60Hz // 220VAC / 50Hz

        Weight: 28Kg

        Size L * W * H: L680mm * W260mm * D210mm

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