Rogowski coil winding machine

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Rogowski coil winding machine

Application scope of flexible Rogowski coil winding machine:

  This machine is suitable for flexible Roche coils, and coils are wound on long flexible substrates with heating wires.

  product description:

  The precision controller of Rogowski  coil winding machine is adopted, and the winding pitch is clear and the precision is high.You can wind a long coil at one time and then divide it into subsequent sections.You can also segment during winding, and leave a required interval before the segment. Facilitate subsequent separation.

  REPOSAL flexible Roche coil winding machine, according to the specific characteristics of customer products. Do targeted process optimization.

 Machine model: SP-LSD60

     Winding machine controller: dedicated winding machine precision controller

     Tension system: magnetic damping tensioner

     Number of axes: single axis

     Single axis

     Power composition 600 precision brushless motor

     Cable motor: stepper motor

     Power supply 220V

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