Toroidal coil winding machine sp-400a

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Toroidal coil winding machine sp-400a

Current transformer coil winding machine Features:

           1.The amount of wire storage is automatically measured by the internal sensor of the precision motor, and the accuracy and life are not affected by the dust and the environment.

           2. For multi-layer toroidal coils, it can automatically calculate the change of line spacing between layers

           3. Self-powered memory function, even after a long time after power off, it can be restored to the power off state.

           4. Comes with distributed winding method (specify how many turns a specific product turns every week, automatically calculate the pitch) and wire diameter control (according to the set wire diameter), you can switch arbitrarily.

           5. Up to 1000 sets of process data programs, variable line spacing, multi-section winding can be set according to needs (multiple independent control of speed, number of turns and direction)

           6. The winding speed, winding turns and various working states are displayed during winding.

           7. The Japanese high-precision photoelectric sensor is used to detect the number of windings, with high sensitivity and accurate counting.

           8. Accuracy of the winding and winding mechanism of the storage, low runout, low noise, flexible control and long service life.

Current transformer coil winding machine Model: sp-400a (video)

        Winding method: side slide

        Maximum wire diameter: 0.2mm

        Minimum wire diameter: 0.08mm

        Maximum finished outer diameter: 63.5mm

        Minimum finished outer diameter: 9mm

        Minimum finished inner diameter: 8.0mm

        Maximum finished product height: 25.4mm

        Winding motor: DC brushless 400W

        Power: 220V 50 / 60HZ

        Machine size: 50 * 60 * 107

        Machine weight: 45kg




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