DC 200W front single axis manual winding machine SP-50A

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DC 200W front single axis manual winding machine SP-50A

         SP-50A manual winding machine adopts advanced single-chip chip and user software to control the winding process program. It has the advantages of strong function, wide application, easy operation, low price and so on. It is an advanced product introduced by our factory to users. Of intelligent winding equipment.

         This winding machine is mainly used for winding various types of coils such as mid-cycle, inductors, small instrument coils, etc. It can automatically adjust and eliminate the number of turns error caused by the machine's running inertia, automatically calculate the output, remove the defective products, and count the qualified products. Automatic reset, automatically jump to the next group of standby, which greatly improves user productivity.

Model (Model NO): SP-50A

        Applicable wire diameter (wire Size) mm: 0.1-1.0

        Maximum speed (Max.Speed) rpm: 3000 rpm

        Main motor: DC.200W

        Winding Width:

        Net Weight: 10 KG

        Dimensions (Dimensions) L * W * H) mm: 300 * 300 * 300

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