Toroidal coil wrapping tape machine SP-5760

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Toroidal coil

Features of ring strapping machine:

           1. The internal tooth high-speed strapping machine adopts the design of gear and strap ring in one, which has the characteristics of fast strapping speed, many storage coils, convenient operation, etc.

           2. Under the condition of product quality, the efficiency is more than 20% higher than the traditional gear type, and the completed inner diameter is also smaller.

           3. The endless belt wrapping machine can calculate the length of the required storage belt according to the outer dimensions of the product, complete the inner and outer diameters, the number of turns and other parameters, and select the appropriate size model.

           4. The belt loops of different widths can be replaced on the same model to meet the storage capacity and complete inner diameter of products of different sizes, and the scope of application is wider.

           5. The adjustable range of the clamp is large, and the clamping product is simple. After changing the rubber wheels of different sizes and adjusting the clamp, products of different sizes can be clamped.

           6. Applicable bag type is more than 0.05mn thick PET, JBT, PVC and other materials, smooth surface, matte surface without adhesive film and insulating cloth tape, paper tape, etc.

wrapping tape machine SP-5760     (Instructions for use of loop coil strapping machine)

        Item No .: SP-5760

        Winding method: high speed strapping machine

        Finished outer diameter: 60-180mm

        Minimum finished inner diameter: 30mm

        Final height: 90mm

        Appropriate winding bandwidth: 8mm-10mm-12mm-15mm

        Diameter of strap ring: 250mm

        Maximum speed: 330RPM

        Working voltage: 220V \ 50Hz

        Dimensions: 500x600xll00

        Machine quality: 90KG


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