Business problem

Yes, currently REPOSAL® does not authorize its agents. For quality and efficiency considerations, please try to buy from Xiepu.
You can contact the company to confirm the purchase. However, it is up to the customer to disassemble and assemble. Except for the purchased parts and accessories, non-company products do not enjoy the company's product warranty.
We are a professional winding technology solution provider. We are happy to design and develop special winding equipment for customers. Therefore, in most cases we can make it, but for the sake of insurance, we must first confirm whether it can be made and then reply to you.
You need to inform the winding machine in detail, we need to evaluate whether it can be repaired, and the economics of the repair, and then reply to your specific situation. Some winding machines are expensive to repair, or they are technically backward, or have lost their maintenance value due to age, and they all need to be evaluated and confirmed.
The manuals for existing products (products listed in the catalog) are published in the "download" menu of the website, please download by yourself. For specific operations, you can refer to the "Video" menu. There are detailed winding machine instructions. For special custom winding machines, please consult our company's sales window.
The CAD data of the product drawings of the winding machine and spare parts are not disclosed, but the tooling drawings customized according to the customer's requirements can be sent to the customer as agreed.
The equipment sold by our company, unless otherwise specified, are designed and produced by our company, and the place of production is Suzhou, China.
As a professional winding machine brand,REPOSAL®  mainly provides customers with winding machines and tape wrapping machines. It includes relatively conventional machines, as well as the development and production of winding machines with special functions and high-quality requirements. Customers in need provide skeleton design and process route design.