REPOSAL® winding machine releases special winding machine for frequency divider inductors


              REPOSAL®winding machine special winding machine for frequency divider inductors

            In daily life, have you ever noticed more than one horn on your car? And more expensive cars have more horns. According to normal people's thinking, the car as long as there is a horn can emit sound signals on the line, more horn is why? The reason is very simple, for example, the turn signal and the warning horn are completely different, the sound frequency is different, and the sound range of the speakers used for high and low is naturally different. A single speaker cannot play a full frequency sound, and a sound may require a combination of multiple channels of sound to achieve a clear cue.

            Therefore, in order to make each speaker emit audio suitable for it, it is necessary to use a tool such as a frequency divider. In simple words, the frequency divider is a filter circuit composed of a capacitor and a frequency divider inductor coil wound by the frequency divider winding machine. The capacitor filters the low frequency to the tweeter, and the frequency divider inductor is wound by the frequency divider winding machine to filter the high bottom to the low frequency to the woofer, so as to distinguish the sound signals in different frequency bands in a sound. It has different sound frequency channels, high frequency sound channels can only pass high frequency sound, middle and low frequency sound the same. After the sound is distinguished, the sound is amplified and played in the corresponding sound amplifier, and finally we can get the most accurate audio we want.


            Frequency dividers are divided into two categories, one is a power divider, and the other is an electronic divider.

            The power divider is set in the speaker, the power amplifier in the speaker first amplifies the sound power, and then the power divider divides it into three audio signals, high, middle and low, and finally sends it to different speakers for playback. The advantage of this power divider is that it is simple and convenient to connect and use, but its disadvantages are also obvious, that is, its power consumption is large and the parameter deviation value is large, the error of the sound frequency is large, and its error is related to the impedance of the speaker, so it is not convenient to adjust.

            In order to play audio more flexibly, we have produced electronic frequency dividers. The electronic frequency divider first distinguishes the audio signal, then amplifies it in different power amplifiers, and finally sends it to the corresponding speaker. The electronic frequency divider has the advantage of low loss and easy adjustment. The power amplifier and the speaker are directly connected, the interference between the speaker units is small, the signal frequency is independent, the signal frequency interference is small and more accurate, and the sound quality is clearer. This disadvantage is that each of the distinguished sound frequencies must have an independent power amplifier, which is costly and the circuit is relatively complex.

            Here we focus on the electronic frequency divider, through the above content we have a general understanding of some, followed by a more in-depth analysis of its characteristics.

            Nowadays, there are many kinds of speakers and complex, and the electronic divider to be used should also be flexible, such as 2 dividers, 3 dividers, 4 dividers, etc., as the name suggests, the frequency of the audio is divided into several files.

The use of a frequency divider also ensures the efficiency of the speaker to a certain extent. Because the working frequency of different speakers is different, different frequencies of audio have to use different caliber speakers to play a good effect, such as low frequency sound with a large caliber speaker effect is better, and the medium frequency on the contrary to use a small caliber speaker. Such a variety of loudspeakers in order to work efficiently and safely, it is necessary to use the electronic frequency divider to provide the appropriate audio, frequency divider in addition to the frequency divider sound can also protect the speaker, in this process, the professional frequency divider inductance winding machine wound high quality frequency divider inductance is indispensable.

            Of course, the most fundamental is to increase the level of sound through the use of electronic frequency dividers. If several speakers play full frequency signals, different speakers play different effects because of the difference in speakers, the sound will be messy and fuzzy, and a variety of overlapping in a piece affects people's hearing. The sound after the frequency division can make different speakers emit different and appropriate sounds, the frequency of the sound is not repeated, the sound will not interfere with each other, people will listen more clearly and feel more deeply.

            There are advantages and disadvantages, and electronic frequency dividers are not completely suitable for all situations. For example, different speakers use different audio, and it is very difficult for people to use electronic frequency modulators to separate audio into audio that is appropriate for each speaker. It takes a lot of care and patience. Therefore, when using electronic dividers, most of them will use frequency division, 3 frequency division, 4 frequency division, and more than 4 frequency division will be too complicated and meaningless, and it is also a big challenge for sound engineers.

            The use of electronic frequency dividers will strictly solidify the working frequency of each speaker, limit the use efficiency of the speaker, and waste the original function of the speaker. For example, a speaker can originally use ultra-wide audio, emit a loud sound, the use of electronic frequency divider may be part of the speaker excision, so that the speaker can only emit a high, middle and low one, although the tone will be better, but also waste the original advantages of the speaker conditions. If people need a louder sound rather than a more interesting sound, then it is better not to use an electronic frequency divider.

            Improper operation of the electronic divider can cause damage to the speaker. As mentioned above, the use of frequency divider also ensures the efficiency of the speaker to a certain extent and protects the speaker. The inductance of a speaker divider is used to filter the high-frequency signal and leave the low-frequency signal, using an empty core coil without an iron core and a coil with an iron core, and the frequency of the divider is directly related to the inductance, the greater the inductance, the lower the frequency can be, the better the bass effect, but as an industrial product, to wind the ideal divider coil, Under the premise of cost control, the inductance value is required to be accurate, the consistency is high, and the DC resistance is low, so as to ensure that the low frequency is not easy to saturated distortion.


            Our Reposal®winding machine should meet the needs of the industry, the development of targeted frequency division inductance winding machine, can be high efficiency and low cost winding large inductance divider coil, the frequency division inductance winding machine we developed winding coil arranged neatly, large inductance and good consistency, compared with the general winding machine in the same inductance requirements can save enameled wire, And automatic stripping and automatic wire breaking function, not only the winding and stripping of the two processes into a process, but also to a large extent reduce the dependence on skilled manual, machine debugging, manual only need to install the skeleton on the machine, winding, stripping paint, wire breaking are winding machine automatic high quality and high efficiency to complete, and then the manual only need to remove the coil.

            If you would like to increase efficiency in the winding process of frequency divider inductors, please contact us.

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REPOSAL ® winding machine to overcome guidance fiber wire winding process difficulties

REPOSAL ® winding machine to overcome guidance fiber wire winding process difficulties

           Guidance communication has an excellent application prospect, but the guided fiber wire package needs to be wound long distance without defects, but because the surface of the fiber is smooth, brittle and easy to break, as well as the residual stress generated by the micro bending will make the signal attenuation, so it is more difficult to wind than other fibers, making long distance fast fiber automatic winding without defects has become a major issue. REPOSAL® winding machine, as a professional winding process solution provider, has been developing process research on precision winding of guided fiber wire packages for many years. Good progress has been made and REPOSAL® special winding machine for guidance fiber wire wrap developed by the winding machine can set reliable process instruction information according to process requirements and accurately execute control commands to finally finish the long distance guidance fiber wire wrap without defects. In the whole research project, we focus on solving three problems of guidance fiber optic wire wrapping system: tension control. Winding system, feeder system, and expand as follows.


Research and design of enamelled wire tensioning force control system for REPOSAL ®  winding machine

Research and design of enamelled wire tensioning force control system for REPOSAL ® winding machine

With the development of our society and the progress of science and technology, the demand for high frequency and high voltage special power supplies in all walks of life is increasing day by day. The main core process in the production and manufacturing of high frequency and high voltage power supplies is the winding of interlayer insulated high voltage pack coil, and the technical level of interlayer insulated high voltage pack coil winding depends on the technical level of coil winding machine. But at present, the domestic high pressure coil winding machine has a low degree of automation, poor processing quality and production efficiency, and can not realize the automatic arrangement of enameled wire and insulated tape. In addition, the tension control technology of the wire is backward, the acceleration of the transmission speed, the change of the radius and the radial runout and axial movement of the winding spindle during the winding process will lead to the sudden change of the tension force of the wire, resulting in the turn to turn row of the interlayer insulated high voltage pack coil deviating from the ideal value, and the low quality of the wound interlayer insulated high voltage pack coil. In this context, the company began to develop high pressure coil winding machine and enameled-wire tension control system, the main research content is as follows:


Firstly, the process of layer wound high pressure packet winding machine is analyzed, the mechanical structure of layer wound high pressure packet winding machine is determined, and the related concepts of tension control of enameled wire are introduced. Secondly, an automatic wiring control system is designed, and the influence of the lagging Angle on the quality of the interlayer insulated high pressure pack coil is studied, and the trajectory of the wiring is analyzed. In view of the high requirement of motor control algorithm in the process of enameled wire winding, the multi-motor cooperative control is analyzed, and the parameters are selected by MATLAB simulation and optimization according to the actual requirements of the project, and the multi-motor cooperative control scheme of the multi-motor of the multi-motor coiler is designed. Then, taking the insulation layer rewinding system of the high pressure packet winding machine as the research object, the mechanical model of the system is analyzed dynamically.

REPOSAL® winding machine wire guided missile fiber winding forming technology has made a new breakthrough

REPOSAL® winding machine wire guided missile fiber winding forming technology has made a new breakthrough

      REPOSAL ® winding machine wire guided missile fiber winding forming technology has made a new breakthrough

           Fiber optic guidance of wire-guided missile is a closed-loop guidance and control of controlled missile by bidirectional transmission of information and control signals between missile and launcher using special fiber optics.

           Fiber optic guidance belongs to the wire guidance of remote control guidance, its advantages are not only high precision, strong anti-interference ability, can be equipped with optical cable shaft, micro camera, missile launch tail will release fiber, can control the missile and obtain target information.


           The winding and release technology of optical fiber is a key technology of optical fiber guidance. At present, we have not realized automatic production in the production of optical fiber winding in our country, so we rely on the winding technical personnel's proficiency very high. The cross-turns working procedure of the winding process is still mainly manual operation, low production efficiency, high error probability and low consistency.


           In addition to other ways to solve the high speed release of optical fiber, an important way is to ensure the smooth release of optical fiber through optical fiber winding. Optical fiber winding technology is the requirement of the pointer to the optical fiber guided missile and the technology of winding the optical fiber on the spool. In view of the unique properties of optical fiber and the special use of optical fiber guided missile, optical fiber winding becomes a complicated technical problem. In the process of automatic winding, the technical difficulties related to the properties of optical fiber are as follows:

REPOSAL ® winding machine has successfully realized the coil preparation process of the frameless capillary magnetic liquid acceleration sensor

REPOSAL ® winding machine has successfully realized the coil preparation process of the frameless capillary magnetic liquid acceleration sensor

            In particular, the non-magnetic material in the magnetic liquid will be subjected to a magnetic field force in the non-uniform magnetic field, which makes many magnetic liquid acceleration sensors can be designed based on this characteristic.

            These characteristics make the magnetic liquid acceleration sensor has many advantages compared with the traditional acceleration sensor, such as no wear, high sensitivity and simple structure.


            However, most of the existing magnetic liquid acceleration sensors use solid mass blocks as non-magnetic substances, and use coils to detect changes in inductance under different accelerations to obtain output signals. However, its disadvantage is that it leads to complex magnetic circuit and poor sensor stability.

            A new solution emerged -- the capillary magnetic liquid acceleration sensor, good stability, simple magnetic circuit, accurate and reliable measurement results and long service life.

REPOSAL Winding Machine® Released  high-speed precision synchronous winding machine

REPOSAL Winding Machine® Released high-speed precision synchronous winding machine

         Suzhou REPOSA Electronic Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. releases high-speed precision synchronous winding machine


          Strip coil: refers to a coil with a relatively large length and diameter, which is divided into a rigid frame and a flexible frame. In its winding process, the main characteristics are as follows, one is that its clamping needs to be clamped at both ends. The other is because of the comparison of its length and diameter. The corresponding torsional rigidity is relatively small, so it is necessary to synchronize the angular velocity at both ends of the clamping. In response to the process requirements of this type of coil, REPOSAL has successfully developed a high-speed precision synchronous winding machine. Fast, can significantly improve the winding efficiency of such strip coils.