Wire storage ring for toroidal coil winding machine

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Wire storage ring for toroidal coil winding machine

Metal side slider:

In the winding of thin wire diameter toroidal coils, the industry generally adopts the side-slip toroidal coil winding machine. One of the characteristics of this winding machine is to use the sliding of the side slider on the storage ring to control the tension of the enameled wire. A considerable part of the production enterprises use plastic side sliders. The plastic side slider is produced by injection molding machine with low price.

    The shortcomings are also obvious. The material is mostly nylon. Due to the production precision of plastics and the shrinkage of nylon material, the size of the mating surface fluctuates greatly. If the size of the fit is large, the side slider will be worn due to wear after a little use. scrapped.

    In order to solve this problem, manufacturers of plastic side sliders often use relatively small matching sizes. In this case, when the side slider is initially installed into the storage ring, the sliding friction between the side slider and the storage ring It will be larger. Another point is the opening of the storage ring. Especially when the side slider passes through the opening of the storage ring, due to the tight fit, the two sides of the opening of the storage ring will be misaligned or pulled apart instantly. It will change abruptly, with little effect in the thicker time, and disconnection in the thinner and finer time.

Question two, the plastic side slider is tightly fitted with the storage ring at the initial installation, but after a period of use, whether it is the friction of the carriage between the side slider and the storage ring, or before the side slider and the enameled wire The frictional force will change faster and more obviously, so that the density of the batch of toroidal coils is inconsistent, and electrical parameters such as resistance will be affected. In order to solve these problems, Suzhou Xiepu generally recommends that customers use metal side sliders. First, the long life makes the actual cost lower, and second, the sliding friction between the storage ring and the storage ring is constant, so that the tension will not change suddenly. Metal side sliders are produced by mechanical processing and can be customized in small batches according to customer requirements. Plastic side sliders are produced because of molds. Customization is not feasible.

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