SMD inductor winding machine SP-50C

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SMD inductor winding machine SP-50C

Features of SMD inductor winding machine:

        1.SMD inductor winding machine is suitable for (SMD chip inductor. I-shaped inductor. Color ring inductance, mid-cycle) and other products winding.

        2. The winding motor adopts DC brushless 200W high-speed motor, which has fast speed, low noise, stable performance, direct output, reliable performance and low failure rate. And it has a quick start and the motor has a brake function of Hall element.

        3. The structure design has no belt transmission mechanism, no carbon brush, no mechanical wear during use, no belt replacement, and carbon brush achieves maintenance-free effect.

        4. Convenient control: with a dedicated controller, specific lap anti-error function, if the lap of the previous product is not in the state of setting the lap, the next product cannot be started, ensuring that the lap of each product is accurate error.

        5. Accurate positioning of the number of windings: accurate positioning of windings (up to ±0.02 turns), with automatic calibration after winding.

        6. Complete functions: each product can independently set winding parameters (including the number of turns, speed, winding direction), the controller has slow start and slow stop, and can also slowly increase the number of turns and other functions, all can be performed simultaneously , A model developed for winding thin wires.

        7. Easy to use, simple to operate, easy to understand, and truly achieve high-efficiency output.

        8. Comes with a side cable stand, which can realize the function of natural cable arranging, instead of the smoothing of manual cable arranging.

SMD inductor winding machine:

        Model (Model NO): SP-50C

        Applicable wire diameter (wire Size) mm: 0.1-1.0

        Maximum speed (Max.Speed) rpm: 3000 rpm

        Main motor: DC.200W

        Winding Width:

        Net Weight: 10 KG

        Dimensions (Dimensions) L * W * H) mm: 300 * 300 * 300

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