Side-slip toroidal coil winding machine-sp-2800

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Side-slip toroidal coil winding machine-sp-2800

Side sliding Toroidal coil winding machine equipment features:

        1 Side sliding Toroidal coil winding machine has the characteristics of stable tension and low pressure: suitable for winding products with small wire diameter and many turns, such as primary and secondary windings of small toroidal transformers, primary winding sisters of larger power toroidal transformers, and transformers Coils, etc.

        2. According to the external dimensions of the product, complete the inner and outer diameters, the number of turns and other parameters, calculate the length of the winding, and select the appropriate size model.

        3. The storage ring of different width can be replaced on the same model to meet the storage capacity and complete inner diameter of products of different sizes, and the scope of application is wider.

        4. Various types of suitable wire materials, such as enameled copper wire, enameled aluminum wire, resistance wire, etc., can be used for coil processing of products in various industries.

        5. The default is double frequency conversion proportional drive speed control. Optional CNC digital program controller is installed, precise cable arrangement, winding angle and automatic rotation angle can be preset.

Side-slip toroidal coil winding machine  (video)

Item No.:SP-2800

        Winding method: side sliding

        Finished outer diameter: 60 / 200mm

        Minimum finished inner diameter: 50mm

        Final height: 120mm

        Suitable winding diameter range: 0.35-0.9mm

        Storage ring diameter: 260mm

        Storage ring width: 12-18mm

        Maximum speed: 600RPM

        Working voltage: 220V \ 50Hz

        Dimensions: 500x600x800

        Machine quality: 110kg


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