Precision winding machine


Precision large torque winding machine:

       With the continuous improvement of the technical level, people have more and more stringent requirements on the winding of transformer coils, hoping that each enameled wire can be like

The ideal sorted arrangement has the following benefits.

         First, in the case of neat arrangement, the enameled wire with limited space accounts for a much larger proportion than the irregular arrangement

       The second is the wire saving.To achieve the same energy density, less neatly arranged copper wire is consumed than if it is neatly arranged.

        The third is the consistency of the product, because the neat wiring, so the copper consumed by each coil is more consistent.

        Of course, there are advantages of heat dissipation and high temperature resistance.

        Despite the above advantages, but for a long time, it was thought that the equipment manufacturers were powerless, and it was difficult for people to do it smoothly with machines.When there is such a requirement, people usually use manual processing.

        Wire the cable by hand, hit an irregular place, stop, handle it manually, and then slowly wind it.For a long time, people have done this.

        Now all this has changed. We have successfully developed a  precision large torque winding machine . Through control and mechanical optimization, we have done so.

        It takes a long time, but now only a simple training is required.The precision large torque winding machine makes what was impossible before possible.

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What are the application scope and types of winding machines?

What are the application scope and types of winding machines?

Winding machine: As the name implies, a winding machine is a machine that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece.

  The scope of application of the winding machine:

   Most electrical products need to use enameled copper wire (referred to as enameled wire) to be wound into inductance coils, which requires a winding machine.

   For example: various motors, fluorescent lamp ballasts, transformers of various sizes, televisions. The mid-periphery and inductive coils used in the radio, the line output transformer (high-voltage package), the high-voltage coil on the electronic igniter, the mosquito killer, the loudspeaker, the earphone, the voice coil of the microphone, the various electric welding machines, etc. can not be cited one by one. All coils need to be wound with a winding machine.

   In the textile industry, cotton yarns, man-made fiber yarns, etc. are used to wind all kinds of yarn balls and frays suitable for textile machines. These require a winding machine to wind.

   Type of winding machine:

Commonly used wire winding machines are mostly enameled copper wire (winding inductance coils for electronic and electrical products), textile wire (winding yarn frays and coils for textile machines), and winding electric heating appliances. Electric heating wires and solder wires, wires, cables, etc.

  There are many types of winding machines, which can be classified into general-purpose and special-purpose types according to their uses;

REPOSAL Winding Machine® Released Precision Automatic Paint Stripping and Wire Breaking Winding Machine

REPOSAL Winding Machine® Released Precision Automatic Paint Stripping and Wire Breaking Winding Machine

Suzhou REPOSAL Electronic Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. releases precision automatic paint stripping and wire breaking winding machine

    In the inductive coil winding process, the winding process requirements of the coil are quite different.The diameter of the enameled wire varies from thin to thick, the structure of the coil varies from disk to column, and the type of enameled wire ranges from ordinary to self-adhesive wire. Therefore, for a coil winding factory that does not emphasize competitiveness, the machine required is a winding machine with a larger range of adaptation, but often a winding machine with a larger range of adaptation is for each specific specification of coil winding. Whether it is quality or efficiency, it is difficult to have targeted competitiveness.

    In order to keep our customers competitive in the induction coil winding process, we have developed this winding machine-precision automatic paint stripping and breaking winding machine in response to customer needs.


This model is mainly aimed at coils with a skeleton with a larger enameled wire diameter. It has several features, one is the fast winding speed, if it can maintain a faster winding shaft speed when the diameter of the enameled wire is larger, and the other is the winding line is flat. Through control and targeted structural optimization, a compact and consistent coil can be stably wound. Third, there is an automatic paint stripping function. For thicker non-direct welding enameled wires, adding this function is equivalent to combining two processes Integrating into one process, the fourth is to add the function of automatic disconnection.For thicker enameled wires, automatic disconnection improves efficiency, strengthens consistency, and significantly reduces the labor intensity of operators.

For details, please refer to the video. The operation beat of this video is taken during the acceptance of the machine. The entire operation process is fast and stable, but in fact, there is still room for improvement in the efficiency of fixing and dismantling the enameled wire head.

High-speed transformer winding machine

High-speed transformer winding machine

High-speed transformer winding machine