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The company's CNC winding machine allows storage of 1000 sets of process data, and supports continuous execution of multiple sets of process data. The number of consecutive execution groups can be set from 2 to 1000 groups. This function is more complicated for the process and requires multiple external The intervention product provides great convenience and flexibility. The following winding machine operation video introduces the specific setting method.

Below we explain the two procedures of the Xiepu winding machine,

        Or continuous automatic execution between multiple programs,

        In other words, after bypassing the first program,

        Then the second program is executed automatically,

        No need for you to press the start button in the middle,

        Let's demonstrate,

        How the settings are set,

        First "step sequence setting" "input"

        In the second program,

        We put "autostart"

        Is now open,

        Then the "autostart" of the first program we have to close it,

        Because if this is the "autostart" of the first program,

        It will become an infinite loop,

        Turn it off now,

        Then press "Enter" and press "Reset"

        All right,

        Then we pay attention to the "" light in the lower left corner to turn on,

        Then we press start.



           The company's CNC winding machine controller has been continuously improved, with complete functions and stable performance. It can accurately set the main parameters such as starting point, wire diameter, width, high speed, low speed, etc., and also include such as start slow speed, stop Auxiliary parameters such as slow speed, stop at both ends, these commonly used parameters are designed in the user parameter setting area. The following video explains the parameter setting process of our company's CNC winding machine in more detail:

          Now we introduce the setting of process parameters of Xiepu winding machine.

          The controller of Xiepu winding machine is divided into these major functions.

          This part is called the digital parameter area.

          It represents the current state of the machine.

          For example, the red light here corresponds to the standby state.

          It means that this machine is in standby state.

          The following states are running, slowing, positioning, speeding.

          This is a status area to monitor the current status of the machine.

          This is a numeric parameter area.

          The digital parameters need to be some numbers that we need to set.

          at this place.

          This is a switch parameter.

          For example, when the cable direction starts.

          Whether from left to right or right to left.

          This is the cable direction.

          There is also the winding direction.

          For example, when we are standing on the right side of the machine.

          See if the spool is rotating clockwise or counterclockwise.

          Then choose the direction.

          Then there are some special functions.

          For example, parking at both ends, automatic stopping, automatic homing, etc.

          These functions may need to be turned on.

          This is a parameter of the nature of the switch.

          So this is a switch parameter area.

          This part is an editing area.

          It is our numbers and clear, copy, confirm, etc.

          This is in the editing area.

          Then this is an interrupt area outside the interrupt area.

          For example, we need to specify the automatic mode.

          Or retreat, jump, stop, start.