Stator coil winding machine


Stator coil winding machine:


       Acceptance of winding machine.

       AC permanent magnet synchronous motor stator coil, iron core length 180mm width 40mm, enameled wire diameter 1.9mm (including insulation film thickness)

      There is a resin sheath before the iron core is wound with enameled wire. The R angle is less than 0.3mm.

       The main clamping surface of the winding tooling is completed with one clamping and cutting.

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General debugging method of winding machine

General debugging method of winding machine

General debugging method of winding machine

      Some people look at the winding machine and feel a bit like a lathe, but in fact the winding machine has to wind a neat coil. Compared with the smoothness of the lathe, it is much more complicated, so we will find that the lathe has a long time ago The national standard has quantitative standards for its various indicators, but the winding quality of the winding machine has many condensing factors and it is difficult to quantify.


     It is precisely because of the above reasons that at first I feel that the winding machine should be very easy to debug, but after the facts, I will be a little frustrated. Although the winding machine debugging is indeed more complicated than imagined, but if we master the basic laws After that, it's not difficult to practice more.

    First of all, we must have a preliminary understanding of the structure of the winding machine, otherwise, we are not familiar with the structure of the winding machine, and there is no professional technical personnel training. Automatic debugging of the winding machine will be incompetent.