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C-shaped coil winding machine

This coil is widely used,

Such as clamp-on ammeters, open-type transformers, open-type Rogowski coils.

C-shaped coils are relatively difficult to wind. Before Xiepu developed this special C-shaped coil winding machine,

Usually people use a ring winding machine to wind a full circle and then separate.

Now the winding of this kind of coil uses Xiepu's winding machine, which is not only fast, but also has good clamping consistency.

It is also very safe in design.

        Clamp Ammeter Coil Winding Machine|Clamp Meter Coil Winding Machine|Semicircle Transformer Winding Machine

        The semi-circular coil winding machine developed by Suzhou Xiepu Electronic Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is suitable for the winding of semi-circular skeleton, iron core and magnetic core coil. Its running operation, high speed, safety cover is convenient and practical. Fast and repeatable positioning accuracy. Applicable products are: semi-circular transformer coil, semi-circular heating wire coil, clamp meter coil, etc.

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U-shaped core winding machine

U-shaped core winding machine

Transformer coil winding machine

  Stable, high-speed and safe U-shaped core coil winding machine

The U-shaped coil winding machine is suitable for the winding of the bottom edge of the U-shaped core.Usually, the center of the U-shaped core is difficult to coincide with the rotation axis of the winding machine, resulting in a large vibration of the winding machine. , Affecting efficiency.

This type of winding machine developed by our company does not rotate the U-shaped iron core, only reciprocates, and rotates around the product to reduce vibration and improve efficiency.

      With the optimized clamping method, it only takes 2 seconds to complete the clamping.

      Therefore, the rotating parts of this type of machine have a large diameter and a high speed.There are similar machines on the market, and the larger ones do not have a protective cover. Safety accidents often occur.This machine of the company has a protective cover design.