What are the application scope and types of winding machines?


Winding machine: As the name implies, a winding machine is a machine that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece.


  The scope of application of the winding machine:

   Most electrical products need to use enameled copper wire (referred to as enameled wire) to be wound into inductance coils, which requires a winding machine.

   For example: various motors, fluorescent lamp ballasts, transformers of various sizes, televisions. The mid-periphery and inductive coils used in the radio, the line output transformer (high-voltage package), the high-voltage coil on the electronic igniter, the mosquito killer, the loudspeaker, the earphone, the voice coil of the microphone, the various electric welding machines, etc. can not be cited one by one. All coils need to be wound with a winding machine.

   In the textile industry, cotton yarns, man-made fiber yarns, etc. are used to wind all kinds of yarn balls and frays suitable for textile machines. These require a winding machine to wind.

   Type of winding machine:

Commonly used wire winding machines are mostly enameled copper wire (winding inductance coils for electronic and electrical products), textile wire (winding yarn frays and coils for textile machines), and winding electric heating appliances. Electric heating wires and solder wires, wires, cables, etc.

  There are many types of winding machines, which can be classified into general-purpose and special-purpose types according to their uses;

  Universal type-a winding machine with one or several wires suitable for installing various frame windings. The common general-purpose enameled wire winding machines are; the one equipped with a circular winding shaft is called "single-head machine", and so on, there are "double-head machine, three-head machine"..."6-head machine ".

   special type-is a winding machine equipped with a fixed special winding chuck, which can only wind one type of coil; common special winding machines have;

   1. Special machine for winding transformer square transformer;

  1, special for square transformer--(special machine for thin wire, special machine for thick wire)

  2, special for toroidal transformer--(large ring machine, middle ring machine, small ring machine)

  3, other types of transformers dedicated

   2. Special machine for winding motor coils:

  1, fan motor dedicated machine (seat fan, ceiling fan, turning fan)

  2. Toy micro-motor special machine; (flying fork type, special winding head type)

  3, series-excited rotor coil special machine (electric tool)

Inductance coil winding machine

  4, fractional horsepower motors, and special machines for high-horsepower motors.

  三. Special machine for winding inductance coils

  1, mid-circle and color code inductor special machine

  2, special machine for small magnetic loop inductance coil

  3, special speaker crossover coil machine

Speaker voice coil winding machine

  4, fluorescent lamp (electronic energy-saving lamp) ballast dedicated machine

   Four, other special winding machine speaker voice coil special machine

  1, speaker voice coil dedicated machine

  2, electric heating tube dedicated machine

  3, insulation tape wrapping machine

  4, special spinning machine

  The winding machine can be divided into simple type, semi-automatic type and fully automatic type according to the degree of automation. The electronic control method includes numerical control microcomputer single chip microcomputer and IBM computer control. According to the installation method, it is classified into desktop and floor-standing machines.

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Precision hollow coil winding machine

Precision hollow coil winding machine

Precision hollow coil winding machine

Precision winding machine

Precision winding machine

Precision large torque winding machine:

       With the continuous improvement of the technical level, people have more and more stringent requirements on the winding of transformer coils, hoping that each enameled wire can be like

The ideal sorted arrangement has the following benefits.

       First, in the case of neat arrangement, the enameled wire with limited space accounts for a much larger proportion than the irregular arrangement

       The second is the wire saving.To achieve the same energy density, less neatly arranged copper wire is consumed than if it is neatly arranged.

        The third is the consistency of the product, because the neat wiring, so the copper consumed by each coil is more consistent.

        Of course, there are advantages of heat dissipation and high temperature resistance.

        Despite the above advantages, but for a long time, it was thought that the equipment manufacturers were powerless, and it was difficult for people to do it smoothly with machines.When there is such a requirement, people usually use manual processing.

        Wire the cable by hand, hit an irregular place, stop, handle it manually, and then slowly wind it.For a long time, people have done this.

        Now all this has changed. We have successfully developed a  precision large torque winding machine . Through control and mechanical optimization, we have done so.

        It takes a long time, but now only a simple training is required.The precision large torque winding machine makes what was impossible before possible.

U-shaped core winding machine

U-shaped core winding machine

Transformer coil winding machine

  Stable, high-speed and safe U-shaped core coil winding machine

The U-shaped coil winding machine is suitable for the winding of the bottom edge of the U-shaped core.Usually, the center of the U-shaped core is difficult to coincide with the rotation axis of the winding machine, resulting in a large vibration of the winding machine. , Affecting efficiency.

This type of winding machine developed by our company does not rotate the U-shaped iron core, only reciprocates, and rotates around the product to reduce vibration and improve efficiency.

      With the optimized clamping method, it only takes 2 seconds to complete the clamping.

      Therefore, the rotating parts of this type of machine have a large diameter and a high speed.There are similar machines on the market, and the larger ones do not have a protective cover. Safety accidents often occur.This machine of the company has a protective cover design.

Transformer winding machine

Transformer winding machine

Transformer winding machine:

    Similar to transformers, current transformers also work according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. The transformer transforms voltage and the current transformer transforms current. The current transformer is connected to the winding of the measured current (the number of turns is N1), called the primary winding (or primary winding, primary winding); the winding connected to the measuring instrument (the number of turns is N2) is called the secondary winding (or secondary side) Winding, secondary winding).

    This ring current transformer winding machine is generally used to wind small size current transformers. The characteristics of small size current transformers are generally wire diameter of enameled wire between 0.11-0.19mm, and the number of turns is large.

It requires accurate turns and fast winding speed.

    REPOSAL  this machine is fast and stable, and the speed reaches 1400RPM. Because it is stable, it can realize the operation of multiple ring current transformer winding machines by one person.