rogowski coil winding machine


rogowski coil winding machine:

       Wind a very thin enameled wire on a flexible material.

       This kind of coil has been in the market for a long time.Generally speaking, because of the limitations of the winding machine process technology, the winding quality is not ideal.Xipu has developed a special Roche coil winding machine through optimization of some technical details. Give our customers an overwhelming advantage in the quality of the industry.

       In this video, after zooming in, you will see that every time there is a distance, there will be a protrusion on the inner side of the entire coil bending, that is, the customer has no margin to test the accuracy of our machine, such as the wire diameter 0.08mm, The actual step distance is set to 0.08mm.

So when the winding is completed and the entire coil is bent, there are regular protrusions on the inside, but not on the outside.