About Us

  • Suzhou REPOSAL Electronic MachineryEquipment Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of coil winding process automation solutions, focusing on the development, production and sales of coil winding and tape winding automation equipment.
  • REPOSAL ® Factory is located in Suzhou. After long-term accumulation and continuous innovation, it has optimized and optimized the design process, passed ISO9001 certification, and built a factory information management system. It has won a number of national invention patents and utility model patents. Manufacturing capacity.
  • REPOSAL ® focuses on the coil winding process in different industries: aviation, aerospace, electricity, electricity, power, energy, instruments, etc., in different links: R & D or process, Xiepu strives to serve the factory production department. Factory R & D Departments, research institutes, and the unanimous recognition and support of customers.